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It’s time to get propogating! February 15, 2010

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The hot time of the year means that is the best time to get propogating, planting seeds and potting on Kimberley natives.
Come along to the SKIPAs sessions at Broome TAFE, in the nursery from about 4.45/5pm onwards, every Tuesday. You don;t have to know a thing about Kimberley native plants, but just be willing to learn and contribute.


1. Garrett - May 6, 2013

What species of plant is this! I’ve never seen it before. I suspect it’s hummingbird pollinated because theres no landing platform, the flowers stick strait out, it’s red and tubular and how the anthers are arranged which would be right over the pollinators head.

broomegirl - May 6, 2013

Hi Garrett, this is a Grevillea. It’s Grevillea wickhamii. The plants look amazing en masse when flowering, but they do have sharp Holly-like leaves so it’s one not to plant near a pathway. Australian Grevilleas are pollinated by small birds such as Honeyeaters (different species depending on location in Australia), native bees, European honeybees, and even small mammals which are chasing the sweet nectar.

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