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Wonderful wet season growth February 4, 2011

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Close up of Grevillea formosa

With above average rain for January in Broome, most plants have rocketted along. Lush new growth and buds bursting forth gladden the plant lover’s heart.

Weeds equally adore these conditions and you have to work hard to keep them in check; vines that suddenly take over canopies, prickly things that make you go ouch, weeds that smother, grow faster and seed readily.

In the home garden you won’t need to spray; regular pulling by hand or cutting and painting with herbicide, or mulching with newspaper/cardboard then chopped vegetation is usually enough to keep them in check.

SKIPAs members have been weeding the pots in the nursery, even in the rain! Surprisingly satisfying.

It’s wonderful to plant out new natives or seeds at this time of year.

As you head along Gubinge road, past Januburu, flick your eyes left to see more than 100 native plants that volunteers dug in before Christmas. The rock hard ground had to be softened first with water (thankyou Broome Shire & Dave for providing the tanker!), then a team went along with spades, and then we could plant and mulch. There’s a real variety of indigenous shrubs and small trees. Make sure you enjoy watching them grow!


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