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Minyirr Park Weeds Project February 8, 2012

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Watching Weeds. The group crouches to examine a large area of fresh weeds sprouting beneath natives.

SKIPAs first project for this year will be to tackle some of the weeds growing in Minyirr Park. The coastal dune reserve has cultural significance to Yawuru traditional owners. It also protects Broome from the power of the sea, and the ecology of the linear park and its dunes is important.

Minyirr has monsoonal vine thickets behind the dunes, but in the past 20 years changing patterns in water runoff, fires, weeds and under management of the area has accelerated degradation.

Thus, weeds is the focus of the group, who will work with Yawuru Rangers, Environs Kimberley, the Broome Shire and other interested parties.

As Beau describes weed problems, some of the group can't resist ripping up what they can.

The ‘reccy’ last night was to look at some of the weeds prevelent in the park, and discuss possible methods of eradication and replanting. The key part of managing weeds, in such a large area and over a long time, is to bite off small chunks.

Understanding plant growth, how weed communities function, and how to make the best effort with small resources requires a bit of planning. The Minyirr Park weed eradication project is still evolving.

Doc holds up Siratro, a smothering vine

Environs Kimberley has some excellent information on weeds threatening Broome bushland, with this easy to identify plant guide.

An area cleared of Neem, with some regrowth

As we saw in an area cleared of Neem last year, using cutting and herbicide method, the weeds can regrow. Returning to weed-busted areas to clear regrowth and new seedlings must be a part of a successful weeding program .


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