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How do you do it?

It’s quite easy really…

Famous last words but really, just get commenting.  If you have something more extensive to say then let us know (via a comment) and we’ll be in touch about how to go about it.

You’ll need to down load this picture shrinker.


It comes in a zip file – you don’t need to install it, simply unzip it and you’re away.  If you have some photo’s you want to upload I suggest you COPY them to a folder on your desktop and then apply the resizer, it’ll create a resize folder in your desktop folder with the resized images in it.    It really is that easy!

The image below shows the zip you’ll download, the unziped resizejpegs logo (which I just put on my desktop) and the new folder I use for my to-be-published images.  When you double click on the resizejpegs logo you get the dialogue box you see, you navigate to the new folder on your desktop, select the custom settings as shown and hey presto.

If you run into problems, leave a comment here!

this is what i'tll look like

this is what i'tll look like

It would be lovely to have really big pictures but the reality is we are limited in storage and need to keep the pictures pretty small.  If there is a particular picture you really need to see bigger, again, send us a message via a comment and we’ll get right onto it.


1. lulu79 - December 27, 2009

you just need to resize your pics befpre putting them on. try this through microsoft picture manager or just google and download a program called resize jpgs or similar. Try contacting me on my email for quicker responses. I havent been on here for a while.

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