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Some hints for authors

Here are some hints on how to go about  getting stuff up on the site in a usuable form and also linking between the blog and non-blog pages.

The blog is really for lively discussion on various issues and allows you to use the advanced search features, categories and tags.  The non-blog pages are more limited.  Because of this it’s a good idea after putting up new information on a non-blog page to then put a little blog which will make it easier to find.

Below there are some guides for uploading pictures, re-using pictures (say in a blog teaser), inserting links and ordering pages.

Reusing photo’s

Here are a couple of screen shots from the upload image.  At the top you can see you have three options: from computer, from URL and from Media Library.  The Media Library is where all the existing photo’s on the web site are stored.  The second image below is what appears when you click Media Library, you can then re-use a photo you’ve already loaded up.  Handy if you’re creating a blog teaser for an article you’ve just loaded up somewhere else or if you want to move an image from a blog to an article.image selection

Inserting links.

some times you’ll want to insert a link to a specific page. Say you have written a blog and want to link to a particular article or are writing an article are want to refer to a page on the site or another site.  First off type THE LINK.  These are the words you want to appear on the page, it could be the same as the link or different.  For instance to link to the Native Plants section on the SKIPAS web page you might type NATIVE PLANTS, then you highlight these words using the mouse (squeak).  Once you have highlighted them you’ll see the link button on the editing screen appear (it was greyed out) – the link button looks like a short piece of chain.

Once you press the button a link dialogue box opens and you type in your link.  Make life easy for yourself by copying the link from the address line of your browser before opening the dialogue box and then you can just past the whole lot in.

Below shows how it’s done.


Page ordering

When you create a page you get a couple of choices, which page it appears under (you can nest as many pages as you like) and also which order it appears in.  The makers of WordPress say if you don’t specify the order it will arrange it alphabetically but I’m not sure about that.  If you want to change the order you have to number each of the pages at that level.  See below for the Attributes you need to change.

page arrangement


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