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There are only four species in this genus, three of which are found in Western Australia. The range of each of these three species extends throughout at least a part of the Kimberley. Its interesting as the site records in the book “Field Guide to Frogs of Western Australia”, show that their ranges dont actually overlap that much, if at all.  It is interesting to note that the breeding biology of each of these species is thought to be opportunistic and therefore probably specialised to the unique and unpredictable conditions of their range.

The three Notaden species in the Kimberley (and WA) are;

Northern Spadefoot Notaden melanoscaphus; which is found from Truscott, south to Mornington and the east to Lake Argyle. It is also found in the NT and Qld.

Desert Spadefoot Notaden nichollsi; is found from Derby, Dampier Peninsula to Broome, 80 Mile Beach way and across the desert to Billiulna. Its range continues on southward along the coast and into western central desert. It is also found in the NT.

Kimberley Spadefoot Notaden weigeli; This species is only found in the Kimberley region and has been found from Mitchell Plateau/ Prince Regent way to Mount Elizabeth Station.


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