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Native plants

Show off your Native Plant Photos here!

Ipomoea pes-caprae (Beach Morning Glory)

Ipomoea pes-caprae

Where did you find it?

What time of year was it?

What sort of ecosystem was it growing in?

Was there any unusual characteristics of this plant that you noticed?

What animals eat it?

How does it seed?

How do you grow it”?

Brachychiton viscidulus

Brachychiton viscidulus

What are the major threats to the occurrence of this plant?

What germination techniques have you tried?

What has worked?

What hasn’t?

How does this relate to the natural ecology of this species?

Post photos of the Flowers, Seed, Leaves, Fruit, Form

Ficus platypoda (Rock fig or Ngilimirti)

Ficus platypoda

If someone has already added that species, just add to (or edit) their page so there isn’t lots of pages for the one species

Post your plant pics and stories as a separate species page under the family name.

Use the parent tab to place your species page under the right family.

Make sure you acknowledge yourself as an author and photographer!

And don’t worry if you stuff it up – the editors should be able to fix it for you.

Plus…. if you don’t know what the plant is – put up a post in “What plant is that”

and extra keen SKIPA’s can try and figure it out for you. Try and include as

much pictorial and written information as possible,size, shape, etc.

Happy Posting!

Barringtonia acutangula (Freshwater mangrove)

Barringtonia acutangula

Syzgium eucalyptoides (iillarr or Wild Apple)

Syzgium eucalyptoides


1. Michael - October 9, 2009

hey, wasn’t sure how to post photos and made a blog with a few photos. anyone know what this species is?

2. Johnnie Mac - March 22, 2012

Can anyone put me onto commercial growers of Native plants from the North West please if there are any, if not even exotic commercial nurseries that may grow some natives would suffice.

broomegirl - July 4, 2012

Hi John, there are several small growers of native plants in Broome, email skipas@environskimberley.org.au for details about how to contact Tom Harley or Max Godwin.

3. Anna-Mair - June 17, 2012

Saw a purple flowered plant/bush today on Argyle diamond mine which has big leaves, a bit cabbagy in appearance but they had a fruit it which was soft like a deflated balloon. in side it was a white fiber with a harder core which was scaly.
Any idea what it is?

broomegirl - July 3, 2012

Could it be Calotropis gigantea? (search for images on the web to see) Also called Giant Rubber Bush it is a weed native to asia, that has become a problem in places like the Ord.

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