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Mallotus nesophilus (Yellow ball flower)

Goombaragin 031.jpgWS

Yellow ball flower is a small tree associated with Monsoon Vine Thickets. The yellow fruit turns translucent when ripe, at this stage it is edible.



1. Rachel - October 26, 2012

Does anyone know the Yawuru name for Yellow Ball Flower?

broomegirl - November 9, 2012

Hi Rachel, according to the marvellous little book “Tree Talk, Minyirr Park trees shrubs and Aboriginal culture”; yellow ball flower tree is Badar Badar.

2. Rachel - November 9, 2012

Thank you! Where can I get that book?

broomegirl - November 25, 2012

“Tree Talk – Minyirr Park trees, shrubs, and Aboriginal Culture”, published by the Minyirr Park KLC Land and Heritage Group in 2005, it is usually available through the Kimberley Bookshop or the Environs Kimberley stall at the Saturday markets. Now that Yawuru PBC has Minyirr Park under its care, it is possible the office can put you in contact with the Ranger group who may also have copies. It’s a small spiral bound book that is easy to take with you on walks, and quickly idenitify trees, uses, and fruiting times.

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