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Hyptis suaveolens (Mintweed)

H. suaveolens is a native to tropical America and is now a widespread weed in most tropical regions. It is now naturalised throughout the Kimberley region which means it is established and reproduces without human assistance. The seeds are spread by water and also get dispersed by animals, humans, vehicles (including slashers and machinery), and when attached to fur or clothing!


1. Roger hockey - April 24, 2012

Hello can the wild mint be eaten raw ??

broomegirl - July 4, 2012

Hi Roger, this is a weed in Australia and although sometimes called Horehound is not the actual medicinal herb HoreHound (also a pest in sheep producing areas). Hyptis sauveolans is called Chan in Latin America where it is used as a drink and an insecticide, according to wikipedia. As always with wild plants you need to be certain that you have identified the plant correctly before using it.

skipasadmin - July 20, 2012

Thanks Vanessa – i did try to research this, so well done its great to know. I am pretty sure it could be used to make a nice essential oil as it is so aromatic

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