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Amyema benthamii

I stand to be corrected, but I believe this mistletoe is Amyema and most probably benthamii. I came across it in Minyirr Park, where it is known to grow on Exocarpos latifolius and Atalaya hemiglauca. Unfortunatley I cant recall what it was growing on. This photo was taken mid December, so maybe I was too distracted by the christmas cheer of the red, green, yellow flowers.

This species grows on a variety of hosts across different genus’ including; Mallotus, Hakea,  Grewia, Terminalia, Ficus, Acacia, Croton & Brachychiton.

It occurs widely throughout the Kimberley and also in other parts of WA. See florabase map. http://florabase.calm.wa.gov.au/browse/profile/2369



1. David M Watson - May 12, 2010

G’day Lulu,

yes, this is certainly Amyema benthamii–only one with those ditinctive clasping leaves and two-tone flowers.

I’m presently completing image selection for a book–Mistletoes of Southern Australia–with CSIRO Publishing, and would like to use this photograph in the species account. Ideally, an overall habit photo is preferred to complement the watercolour painting that shows all the flower detail, but this is a fairly obscure one, so I’ll take what I can!

Would you be willing to share this image? Of course, I would provide full acknowledgement.


David M Watson
Professor in Ecology

Charles Sturt University

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