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Owenia reticulata (Desert Walnut)

Desert Walnut is a common feature of the dry sandy or spinefex-covered plains behind coastal dunes around Broome and the Dampier Peninsula. It can grow up to around 14 metres in height and is also often found in eucalypt woodland. According to Broome and Beyond (1996) the fruit are not eaten on the Dampier Peninsula, though when roasted, a popular food source to the desert people inland. Aborignal people of the Kimberely region are known to use the leaves, bark and fruit of the Desert Walnut and make a medicinal infusion out of it. This strong infusion is applied to cuts, sores and rheumatism.


1. phil - June 13, 2014

How do you propgagate these nuts-seeds

boabgirl - June 16, 2014

HI Phil,
this can be challenging to propagate. We have had success germinating Pindan Walnut (Owenia reticulata) over the wet season. It seems to like the soaking rains and high soil temperatures. You will of course need viable seed. So you may need to try soaking quite a few in a seeding tray or pot during the hot months. Good luck! https://skipas.wordpress.com/wp-admin/edit-comments.php?p=2102&approved=1#comments-form

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