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Ficus virens var.virens

Fig trees certainly have some magic about them, and in the meantime, while im searching for a photo of a strangler fig that does it justice, here is a picture of the fruit. This was collected with the Bardi Jawi rangers at Cygnet Bay. We were hoping to try and grow some for our vine thicket restoration work, but have since found out it is far easier to propagate this plant from cuttings.

The Bard name for this plant is Albay and it is found in more northern coastal vine thickets on the Dampier Peninsula. They provide a substainsial amount of fruit for birds and bats. Some vine thickets, such as those thin strips surrounding Weedong lake have a high density of figs, while others vine thickets contain fig trees only as a scattered occurance.

Banyan figs occur across the Kimberley and also in small areas in the Pilbara region. See the florabase map.




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