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Pandanus spiralis (Screw Pine)

Pandanus spiralis is a palm tree with long prickle-edged leaves that grow in spirally bunches. Pandanus is a large tropical genus of 600-700 species with 37 in Australia. P. spiralis is by far the most common and widespread species within the Kimberley region. Aboriginal people of the Kimberley used to collect the red-orange fruit from the ground or pick it from the tree. The pod was roasted in hot ash and chopped in half so that the large kernels inside could be shaken out, sometimes a small stick was used. These can then be eaten raw or baked again in hot ash. The tree is also seen as an indicator for freshwater. The Bardi people of the Dampier Peninsula used to weave shoes from the leaves.


1. Bry - May 26, 2014

The pandanus Leaves are also used to weave baskets not just shoes

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