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Grevillea wickhamii (Wickam’s Grevillea)

Of the dozen or more grevilleas in the north and north-west with broad prickly grey-green leaves, this is by far the the most common and widespread. Grevillea wickamii occurs as a shrub or tree up to 3m. The leaves are light green, the bark brown/green, the flowers are a creamy/yellow/red colour. The Grevillea can be found in shrubland, vine thickets and rocky or stony soil.


1. Ray Baxter - August 22, 2012

There are about three or four subspecies of G.wickhamii in the Kimberleys but there is no information on this site about these subsps

broomegirl - August 27, 2012

That’s right Ray, and as the website expands we’ll aim to include as many plants as possible. Meanwhile if you have any information and photos, please contribute to the site.

2. Mike - January 5, 2014

Can G. Wickhamii handle heat & humidity?

broomegirl - May 28, 2014

It seems to, as the plant is well established in the bush around Broome, the peninsula and to the south of Broome, and further north along the coast where humidity and heat are commonplace. it also does well in the Kimberley’s inland, where it is drier, as demonstrated by many great displays of Wickhamii in flower.

3. Mike - May 28, 2014

Thanks for the information! Do you have any experience in germinating these? I have a couple growing now but it took multiple attempts and a large quantity of seed. Are there any specific tricks to try?

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