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Exocarpos latifolius (Mistletoe Tree)

Exocarpos is a genus of flowering shrubs and small trees in the sandalwood family, Santalaceae and grows up to 5 metres in height. The Misteltoe Tree is found throughout Sotheast Asia, the Pacific Islands and Australia, including the Kimberley region.  Its specialised root system draws on the sap of the host plant for sustenance. Its flowers are very small and yellowish green in colour. The fruit is yelloe when ripe and is attached to a swollen, fleshy red receptacle, which can be eaten.  It has been recorded on the Dampier Peninsula in thickets and coastal pindan country and also occurs in the Northen Territory, Queensland and NSW. Aboriginal people used to burn the bark to smoke and heal sores and cuts and to repel mosquitoes. The wood was used to make boomerangs!


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