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Weeds are generally described as a “plant out of place.”

But they can be so much more insidious!

Weeds destroy natural areas, change ecosystem process, displace native plants and remove important food and shelter plants for many animals. They can also create harbour for ferals and introduced pests.

Weeds can also contribute to a changed fire regime that can be hotter and more frequent, placing even further pressure on the survival of native flora and fauna.

This site contains lots of useful identification and control information for many Kimberley weeds.

Feel free to comment and ask question about any of the postings.

Likewise; please upload any photos you have of “plants behaving badly”. It is very useful to see how weeds are behaving throughout the Kimberley and enables people to see how much of a problem weeds really can be!

Siratro Infestation invading vine thicket (Tim Willing)

Siratro infestation invading vine thicket (Photo: Tim Willing)

Cofee Bush dominating areas in Kununurra

Cofee Bush dominating an area in Kununurra (Photo: Louise Williams)

Weed information provided by the the Environs Kimberley Community WEED Project. This project is funded by Rangelands WA.

For more information on weeds and weed projects in the Kimberley see: http://www.environskimberley.org.au/weeds.htm

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1. Doc - June 22, 2009

Solid Lu

2. Debbie King - July 22, 2011

What is THAT to AWFUL WEED THAT grows in my grass in long stringy ground hugging strings thay TRIP me uo to many a fall!
,Hard to pull out but I HATE it how does one get rid of on my farm
Thank you
dont come here much will u please email if you can help!

broomegirl - August 26, 2011

Debbie you will have to provide more details about the plant you are calling a weed, or better still a photo, before we can ID it.

3. Cate Tauss - November 28, 2013

In August I visited a place north of Broome on the Lurujarri Heritage Trail where there is a community whale recording platform and an old abandoned mango orchard (sorry, I have forgotten the indigenous name of the place- but I think it may also be called Quondong Point). There I found what I thought was *Euphorbia tirucalli large shrubs, well established. Unfortunately I was not there when they were in flower. If anyone can send me some pressed dried fertile specimens I can verify the name at the WA Herbarium. I think it is important to find out, as if it is this noxious weed it will invade the area and also harm the eyes and skin of people who might accidentally brush up against it.

Cate Tauss
225A Gibson Ave Padbury
WA 6025
Attention: C. Tauss
WA Herbarium
Locked Bag 104
Bentley Delivery Centre
WA 6983

Please email me on cate@iinet.net.au
if you are sending something so I can look out for it

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