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Herb Weeds

Weeds because: They dominate areas and push out native plants. Many have escaped from gardens into the bush. Overgrazing promotes spiny plants. Plants with spiny seeds can attach to animals. Annual weeds can leave areas bare in the late dry and lead to erosion in rivers.


Leonotis nepetifolia (Lions tail) infestation. (Photo: Colin Wilson)

Methods for control


Slash tall annual plants well before seeds ripen.

Burn areas

Burn piles of cut and/or dry plants to kill accumulated seeds on the ground.

Cut & Spray

Disturbed soil promotes many herb weeds. Slash or remove plant material, or wait a few weeks and then carefully spray.

Control Grazing

To reduce spread of prickly seeds and allow native plants to recover.

Cut & Paint

Cut woody herbs to ground level with a brushcutter and paint or spray with herbicide.


Plant or seed native plants to increase competition.

New Plants

Learn to identify leaves on new seedlings and carefully spray. Hand pull in small areas.

Dont Spread Seeds!

Seeds can be spread from muddy car tyres, shoes and car radiators. Prickly seeds can attach to clothes and swags. Check when leaving sites that your not taking weed seeds with you!

Weed information provided by the the Environs Kimberley Community WEED Project. This project is funded by Rangelands WA.

For more information on weeds and weed projects in the Kimberley see: http://www.environskimberley.org.au/weeds.htm

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