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Coral Vine (Mexican Rose)

Coral Vine – Antigonon leptopus

Habit: Climbing plant to 20m. It has pink flowers and a nutty seed in old petals.

Spread: Spreads by seed and root suckers. Moved soil can spread root tubers.

Coral Vine infest2

Coral vine is another garden escapee etching out a niche for itself in the Kimberley.  This photo was taken in a vacant block around Broome, but incursions and infestations have been recorded (or seen) in local Broome bush, Lake Kununurra and Koolan Island. It has a strong potential to further undermine the threatened ecological community – Monsoon Vine Thicket (Dampier Peninsula) as it has been recorded in similar ecosystems in NT and Qld.

Coral Vine Flower & Leaf

Flowers can be bright pink or white.

Coral Vine  flower 8

Following flowering in April/May, the papery flower parts enclose the  nutty seed. Seeds and tubers can be spread in moved soil. This plant is also known for its ability to sucker and spread along waterways and creeklines.

Coral Vine Leaf

Coral vine has a distinctive heart shaped leaf with a pointed tip. Stems are often covered in tiny hairs.


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