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Hairy Merremia (Hairy Mary!)

Hairy Merremia – Merremia aegyptia

Habit: Climbing plant with white funnel shaped flowers and star shaped seed pods.

Spread: Seed capsules shatter seeds around the plant. Stems also take root and grow.

Merremia aegyptia 05

Two thirds of Australian weeds originally started off as relatively innocent looking garden plants. Hairy Merremia is no exception. Originally utilised as a garden plant in Broome and Kununurra, this plant spreads aggressively, dominating and smothering native vegetation.

(Photo: Colin Wilson)

Merremia leaf- hairy Merremia

Leaves are typically  palmate (meaning they open out and have three to five leaflets). They are also covered in fine hairs.

(Photo: Louise Williams)

Merremia aegyptia

The flowers are often seen around June (in the west Kimberley). They differ from Merremia dissecta in that they are smaller and mostly white.

(Photo: Colin Wilson)


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