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White Convolvulus Creeper (Merremia)

White Creeper – Merremia dissecta

Habit: Climbing plant with white funnel shaped flowers and star shaped seed pods.

Spread: Seed capsules shatter seeds around the plant. Stems also take root and grow.

Merremia infestation

This photo was taken in Pindan Woodland near Crab Creek, but this creeper is tolerant of many growing situations. It has become quite a pest in Monsoon Vine Thicket areas in the Dampier Peninsula and thrives in areas that have a history of distirbance such as a hot burn, tip sites or close to towns, communities and old camps.

(Photo: Louise Williams)

Merremia dissecta2

This plant is another example of a “pretty” garden plant gone feral. The white flowers have purple/red and yellow centers and flower on-masse after the wet season and opportunistically throughout the year.

(Photo: Louise Williams)

Merremia dissecta

Merremia leaves are divided into 3-7 segments.

(Photo: Louise Williams)

Merremia seed opening

The papery seed capsules are star-shaped and contain the hard black/brown seeds. These shatter and expel the seeds around the parent plant. This plant also spreads through fragmentation and many people unwittingly invite it into their area by planting “a slip” in their gardens.

(Photo: Louise Williams)


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