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Woody Weeds – Trees & Shrubs

Tree and Shrub Weeds

Weeds because: They dominate areas and push out native plants. Many have escaped from gardens into the bush. Overgrazing promotes spiny plants. Plants with hard seeds last a long time in the soil and can spread easily after fire and disturbance.

Coffee Bush infestation

Coffee Bush infestation at an old camp site along the Roebuck Bay foreshore. (Photo: Louise Williams)

Methods for Control

Cut & Paint

Cut out big trees and shrubs with a chainsaw and paint stumps with herbicide. Remove wood so it isn’t a fire risk.

Cut & Spray

For smaller shrubs cut to ground level with a brushcutter and spray the stumps. Remove wood.

Hand pull

Pull out small seedlings and small shrubs where they are in loose or wet soil. Pile or leave as mulch. Make sure to get the roots as well.

Burn Piles

Burn piled wood to remove fire hazard and burn any seed. Lightly burning the area will mean lots of new plants will germinate. This will help to reduce seed in the soil.

New Plants

Follow up later by carefully spraying or pulling new plants while they are small. Be sure to get the roots as well.

Dont Spread Seeds!

Seeds can be spread from muddy car tyres, shoes and car radiators. Prickly seeds can attach to clothes and swags. Check when leaving sites that your not taking weed seeds with you!

Weed information provided by the the Environs Kimberley Community WEED Project. This project is funded by Rangelands WA.

For more information on weeds and weed projects in the Kimberley see: http://www.environskimberley.org.au/weeds.htm

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