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Candle Bush (Ringworm shrub)

Candle Bush – Senna alata

Habit: Spreading shrub with large yellow flowers and seed pods mature green to brown/black.

Spread: Seed spread in water and on muddy tyres. Animals can eat seeds and spread them.

Senna alata

WA Declared Weed (Kimberley – excepting townsites)

P1 Movement of plants and seeds prohibited

P2 Infestations to be eradicated

Senna alata leaf & flwr CB

Flowers are mostly yellow and orange.  Though not yet particularly prolific in the Kimberley, Candlebush is a proven weed of watercourses and coastal bushland in the Northern Territory. Already it has naturalised in Kununurra creeklines,  Lake Argyle and Koolan Island. Candlebush can grow up to 4m tall and its spreading habit means that as an infestation, they can restrict access to creeklines and water bodies.

Senna alata seed

Seed pods can be up to 16cm long and 1.5cm wide. Seeds are dropped around the parent plant and dispersed through a variety of mechanisms described above.


1. Clay Reives - November 18, 2012

Ringworm can be easily treated with OTC anti-fungals such as selenium sulfide and salicylic acid. .

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