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Caesalpinia major (goolyi bush)

vine thicket 046.jpgWSvine thicket 044.jpgWS

Goolyi bush is a scrambling climber, sharp hooked thorns allow it to climb high into surrounding Monsoon Vine Thicket vegetation. It has bright green pinnate leaves. Yellow flowers are followed by thorny pods opening to reveal marble sized, hard green seeds, a favourite decoration in the male bowerbird’s bower. It occurs in patches in coastal vine thickets on the Dampier Peninsula as well as NT and Qld. It extends from America and Madagascar, throug India all the way to New Guinnea. Aboriginal children used the beautiful green seeds to play marbles. Flowering occurs between November – March, fruiting Dec-June.


1. broomegirl - July 27, 2009

I love it when I find Bowerbird nests, and have often seen these green marbles lovingly piled inside and out. Mr Bowerbird seems to spread a great deal of these seeds inside to impress the ladies. In one nest on a bush block 100m from home, I have also found a number of distinctive pebbles used along a pathway in my garden – I had been wondering why their number seemed to be diminishing!
The spiky seedpod is often mistaken for the nasty Caster Oil bush, a weed in other parts of Oz.

2. Caesalpinia major | northwestplants - July 10, 2016

[…] More information on the Goolyi Bush, here. […]

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