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Parkinsonia – Parkinsonia aculeata


WA Declared Weed (Kimberley)

P1 Movement of plants and seeds prohibited.

P4 Prevent the spread of infestations

parky lower ord Noel Wilson

(Photo: Noel Wilson)

Habit: Small to medium tree with yellow flowers, spikes on branches and light brown seed pods with hard black seeds.

Spread: Animals spread the seeds by eating seed pods. Seed spread in water and on muddy tyres.

parky seeds and flower Noel Wilson

Parkinsonia typically grows around areas receiving extra water. The seed pods float easily in water. In the Kimberley it can be seen invading roadside drainage, along river courses and also in depressions and billabongs that seasonally fill up with water. Despite its preference for moist areas, Parkinsonia can also grow and spread in dryer places and seasons.  Stock and other animals eat the seedpods and assist in distributing the seed.

(Photo: Noel Wilson)

Parky leaf structure

The leaves of Parkinsonia are distinctive. They can be divided in up to 100 pairs of tiny leaflets.

(Photo: Louise Williams)

Parky spines Noel Wilson

Parkinsonia was originally introduced as a shade tree, however the spines and bushy habit means that they can easily take over areas and become impenetrable thickets. Overgrazing and poor weed control  can promote the occurrence of this species.

(Photo: Noel Wilson)


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