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Gyrocarpus americanus (Stinkwood)

Gyrocarpus amricanus is also known as Shitwood, Helicopter Tree or Coolamon Tree. It is very common in the pindan country of the Dampier Peninsula and Broome and grows to about 12 m in height.

Tradionally Kimberley Aboriginal people used the light and easily worked wood to make shields and bowls (coolamans) for carrying posessions or for collecting tubers and fruits. The wood, however, was not used for cooking.  The fruit has paper-like wings which cause the fruits to spin and fly and help with wind dispersal. The winged fruit and the smell of the flowers have given the tree its various common names.


1. Gyrocarpus americanus | northwestplants - June 25, 2016

[…] Indigenous people found the tree very useful. […]

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