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Sesbania formosa (White Dragon Tree)

The Dragon Tree occurs around wetlands and along creeklines in the Kimberley and down into the desert and Pilbara. These stately trees provide shade and are attractive when in flower.

It is a bit unusual because most members of the pea family are shrubs, herbs and climbers. The flowers are also thought to be the largest of any plant in the Fabaceae.

Here is an example of an old tree from Dragon Tree Soak:

P1050929 DT at DTS lofi


1. Caroline Diss - September 22, 2015

I have been trying to identify this tree, and it sounds like The White Dragon tree is most likely it:
Could you confirm whether these are the flowers please.
I have a photo of a blossom that was taken from below a tree in the Toll yard on Port Drive in Broome, but I cannot find out how to upload it.

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